March 23, 2014

Filofax Personal Holborn Review

Oh, how do I even begin to explain my love for this Filo currently? It seems to be perfect in every way. It smells utterly delicious. It feels amazing to touch. It has the pockets to hold all the cards / stickers / bits&pieces to your heart's content (and it even comes with an extra card holder insert!). I picked it from was-is's shop after ordering it online today, and I wasn't disappointed. It was the last in stock, had the colour I wanted and was at an 'affordable' price. How could I resist?

Unboxing Mr Holborn
And so this, my friends is my new Holborn. It'll travel with me to and from uni, retain my frequently used cards, remind me of all the classes / birthdays / work that needs to be done and hold the notes and photos dear to me.

I'll put up another post of the Holborn once his set up is complete
Till then!

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