March 24, 2014

Mr Grey

It's finally here! I couldn't resist it when I saw it, and so, naturally, I bought it. And now I'm a proud owner of a delicious grey leather Large Time Planner from Kikki. K's newest addition of organisers. This is how it looks like on their site:

Kikki. K Large Grey Time Planner

See, they were really asking me to buy it because of two reasons:
1- They're currently having a 'spend $50 and get 20% off' sale (ends Sunday, 30th March!). The planner costs $69.95. Expensive, I know, but after 20%, it went down to around $55. So, really, it ain't that bad, right?
2- They also have a 'spend $50 and get free shipping' criteria online, and since it was just over $50, I got free shipping. So really, this planner is cheaper getting it shipped to my door than travelling to the shop to purchase one. So why not purchase it online, no?

Even though the pictures from their site shows the planner to be more on the black than grey side, this is how the colour actually looks:

Mr. Grey

I was actually surprised to see how grey it was when I opened it up, and other than that, things to note about this planner:
1- The leather's as soft as the Holborn's, however, seems to lack that leather smell that the Holborn has. It would definitely be due to the different type of leather used (especially since it was much cheaper), however, it still feels as lovely to the touch.
2- The planner does NOT come with any 2014 inserts! The monthly planner included is undated. So if you're planning to buy the diary to use this year, don't forget to get the inserts too!

And just like Holborn, another post will be posted (hopefully soon) detailing her set up. But unlike Holborn's duties, Grey's will be used for uni work due to its clear-cut A5 size.
So till then!

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