November 18, 2014

Kikki K Gold Personal Planner Review!

Even though it was ages ago that I had a lovely Instagram follower ask me whether I was going to review the Gold Kikki K, I decided to write one now that I'm free. Like the Pink Kikki K I reviewed here, the gold has the exact same format - just a different colour. Either way, here are the pictures of the beauty:

Gold Large Personal Planner

(By the way, please excuse my crappy photos in this post. Everything seems out of whack order for some reason...)

I really like the Gold Kikki K, and I wonder why it took me so long to purchase one. The only 'problem' I've seen it have is this:

Unable to lay flat

I think it must have been only mine or my batch of Gold Kikki K's but the inner fabric has been cut a little too short in the making, and because of this, it pulls on the front cover thereby preventing it from laying flat (Am I making sense?). I don't really mind so much as it still lays flat 90% of the way, not to mention, now that the fabric is a little tight, there are no unsightly fabric creases seen near the spine, like those on the Mint personal planner, for example. And so, I'm willing to let it slide.

Also, I love the contrast of the black fabric and the gold leather. Kikki K has released a 2015 time planner (the one with the full set of 2015 diary, expenses, to do, etc) for the gold which is full leather, with no fabric inside. And despite the fact it is obviously better, because there is no fabric, it makes the planner a little too gold. With the black fabric, it stands out. But that's just me.

And it's funny, just before I started writing this, I purchased myself another gold Kikki K planner, this time, in Medium. Yes guys, Kikki K has released more Medium time planners. And better yet: it comes in a buckle. This is the first ever style from Kikki K and I am absolutely excited to see what it looks like. Fingers crossed it won't be a disappointment! And naturally, I will review that once it arrives, which should hopefully be on Friday!

But moving on to the insides:


And to answer your question, no the dividers did not come with the pretty silver lace on the front. I have slightly customised it by sticking on a sheet of vellum paper with silver leaves and it has made a great difference to it, no? The silver leaves stand out with just a touch of pink on the underside. I purchased it from Spotlight Australia, if anyone was wondering (for $3).

And like any other Kikki K planners, the insides are all the same with the card slots, vertical full length pocket and zipped pocket all on the right

The rings were great too (and gold), and Kikki K may have slightly increased the quality of the rings as they were pretty tight and snapped shut quite nicely:

Gold rings!

The back held the usual notepad and an elastic pen holder:

3 sticker sheets were provided and I'm thoroughly enjoying the gold stickers provided:

And that's a wrap for the Gold Kikki K. Overall, it's a beautiful planner and I can see it becoming a wanted item once it discontinues, because really, it's unique in its own way. Either way, I hope this helped for anyone who wanted to purchase one!


  1. It looks like a gorgeous planner. The gold is really eye-catching!

  2. Since I first heard of the Kikki K planners, I've been oo-ing and ahh-ing over them! This one is indeed fabulous! I don't know what it is about them, but they are all just so lovely to look at!

  3. is it possible to purchase this gold one from you?