November 16, 2014

Filofax Pocket Wine Holborn Review!

My dear readers,

Please excuse the fact that I've been away for 34803453059 days. I've been busy with uni assessments and exams, but alas, they're now all over (kinda), so I'm back to give more reviews on all things planners and hopefully, a little branching out into customising them too since some of you have been asking on my Instagram (@lettersinnovember).

But first, let's start this blog up again with this long overdue review of the Pocket Holborn:

Ah, the wine Pocket Holborn. After selling my Personal Holborn (for which I surprisingly have no regrets for), this little one has come into my life all thanks to Australia's Filofaxshop sale. They're already out of stock of it unfortunately, if not I would've highly recommended you to up and get it.

Anyway, here are the pictures of this sweet little guy:

Top opening full length wallet!
What can I say about it: it's smooth, it's leather, it smells wonderful, it lays flat as a bat right out of the box, has plentiful pockets and even a zippered one for your coins, has a full length compartment for your cash and is absolutely wonderful as a wallet. It's absolutely divine is what I'll say about it!

There's just something about this Holborn that is practically made to function as a wallet (other than the stated, that is). I guess it's a combination of all of the listed qualities that makes it brilliant in every way. You won't even realise it's an organiser from how compartmentalised this one is. I don't think I can recommend it enough.

On the inside:


The back pocket has a hidden zip pocket inside too!

Although it doesn't have that many card slots, extra plastic card slots are not too hard to find and can easily be slotted in for the extra storage. But it does have an amazing load of hidden pockets everywhere! It has two full vertical pockets on the front and back cover each, with a hidden zippered pocket on the back (shown in the picture)

The rings were great, and snapped shut without a hitch. I haven't quite yet organised this with pretty dashboards, dividers etc, but I actually can't wait to do so. I love starting from scratch. It's like getting a whole new planner without actually doing so.

Anyway, although I've sold my Personal Brown Holborn, I've still got the zipped version so here's a little comparison of colour and size:

I know the wine Holborn is a little hard to find nowadays, what with it being discontinued as such, but if you do find one for a good price, I recommend you to snatch it up as fast as you can. It's a beauty and can definitely be used as a full functioning wallet.

Till the next Filofax!


  1. That is a lovely lil' planner! I didn't think I'd use a pocket size but I recently got one (not FF but a Japanese brand) and it's adorable.

  2. That color is fantastic! And so many pockets! I can see filling that up would be a ton of fun!