April 14, 2015


So now that we're almost half way through the year (I can't believe it either), I decided to write a little update post on what has changed (a lot), and what I still use from the initial list I posted here:

What I'm Using Currently:
1- Ochre Malden Personal Planner:
As autumn has arrived in Australia and the days are getting colder, I decided to swap from my Kikki K Dark Mint (which served me well), to my old love. And honestly, I've found myself staring at it during periods of studying, just admiring its simple beauty. And smelling it too, because I'm weird that way. It currently only holds the necessities so the smaller rings (compared to the 30mm Kikki K rings) don't explode. This includes my monthly & weekly diary, personal notes, bf notes and expenses. I'm currently using the plain cardboard 5 tabbed divider I got from Muji in Singapore and I love the minimal setup

2- Midori Traveler's Notebook: Brown & Blue:
This is currently my notebook - which I swap between the blue and brown Midori because I can't decide which to use (they're both just so lovely in their own way!). This can hold anything from shopping lists to doodles to ... anything that jumps to mind, really.

3- Midori Traveler's Notebook: Black:
This is my journal, of sort. I use the Midori 2015 week on a page refill to quickly document my day, as let's be honest, my life's too dull for a full page diary. Hah.

4- Kikki K Sentence a Day:
Yes, I still use this! It's simple to keep up with as it only requires a sentence a day (thus the name), so I'm loving it and is still up to date! Yay!

5- Kikki K Large Cute 215 Diary
I bought this in Singapore when I went back in February and instead of leaving it empty (as it's just so darn pretty!), I decided to use it to document my BF. The Aldi daily diary was great, but as it was plain, needed daily decorations, and I wasn't really writing much, I decided to give the Kikki K diary a chance, and so far, I'm loving it. I have just enough space to write what I need, and the weekly decorations keep it cute as ever with no extra work. Hurrah!

6- Moleskine Extra Large Plain Softcover Notebook
My drawing book, for now. As I intend to use regular pencil mostly and as I'm going for a 'messy' approach, the thin pages and the fact that it can bend 360 degrees, works for me.

7- Hobonichi A5 Diary:
I was using this studiously in the beginning of the year as a planner for uni but slacked off halfway through and ended up with a tonne of blank pages *cringe*. So I decided to utilise it again once I started writing notes to study for my upcoming exams and has thus been revived!

What Has Been Discarded:
1- Hobonichi A6 Diary:
Yup, it unfortunately has been set back to my shelf and no longer loved. I might bring it out in the future to take part in listing challenges such as the #listersgottalist challenge I currently am taking part in, but it has taken the backseat for now.

2- Aldi Daily Diary:
As mentioned before, this has been put aside to make way for the Kikki K Large Weekly diary

3- Pinetti Pocket Notebook:
Been long discarded for my regular sized blue / brown Midori. As much as I liked the portability, it was too small for my needs, and I somehow tend to always go back to my Midori...

So there you go! I thought I discarded more than that, but I'm glad I didn't!


  1. How much was your Hobonichi? I saw on their website that they cost ¥34020, I googled it and that's more than 250€!! Like $280. Is that true?

    1. Lol I'm pretty sure you were looking at the more expensive selections. I got the cheaper versions; mine was around AUS$50 which included shipping :)

    2. I checked their website again and you are right :) Thank you!