September 14, 2015


I celebrated my 22nd birthday this week, so I decided to make it a tad bit more colourful by using Amy Tangerine's Finders Keepers' collection. I love how her collection always shouts fun and spontaneity. I tend to use inspiration online for my layouts but since this collection is relatively new, there weren't too many layouts to draw from. So I decided to take the plunge and just go with the flow. The result? It turned out better than I imagined, so yay!

This was the layout for this week. I've been pretty shy when sharing my pictures online because I do believe that once it's out there, it can never be fully retracted, but I guess that goes for having any sort of social media. However, I've been applying to contributing teams recently and my next project is coming up with some other talented ladies, and seeing every one of them asks for a photo of yourself to share, I thought, why not? If you ever wanna have your own line of creative goodness, you've got to start somewhere, am I right!

And now for the obligatory Taylor Swift line for twenty-two:

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling twenty-two!

Have a great week ahead, guys!

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