February 21, 2016

MTN WEEKLY 2016 #1

I confess: I sold my Hobonichi Avecs so I can get back to using MTN weeklies. In my defence, I didn't actually promote my Avec to sell, it just so happened that someone was looking to buy one - used or not - and so I saw an opportunity to sell mine knowing that I just can't keep up with an A5 day to a page!

I've been using my Kikki K A5 in the mean time to record my daily journaling and I think it's good enough, so far. I must admit, there are times where I wished I had more space, but I guess I have my private blog for that. Anyway, enough waffling, here's my first MTN weekly post for 2016!

I picked up the undated version from Notemaker seeing the dated ones were not available in Australia. It didn't really bother me though, as I'm now able to start whenever I want - in this case, middle of February. Hah!

Anyway, I was highly inspired by Kelly Purkey's messy (but absolutely beautiful) layout using her new Clearly Kelly sticky notes and wanted the same for my first layout. I gathered my supplies from a variety of places and this was what I came up with:

I was actually pretty pleased with it. I love the mess of the various paper sizes but how colourful it all turned out. To list the items I used in this spread would be extravagant though, as I probably used one from each stamp / sticky note set I own. Majority were definitely stamps from Kelly Purkey, Big Picture Classes and Studio Calico, though.

Here's a little close up:

I must admit, I have missed documenting in my MTN for so many reasons - the size and the portability would have to be the main reasons. Not to mention, I can finally document on the go, which means (hopefully) no more accumulating 47856428 posts to do in one day. Can you tell I'm excited to create more layouts? Hahah. Here's to more weekly MTN posts!


  1. This is interesting I came across your post (I follow your ig account) because I purchased the hobonichi avec and kind of miss using my tn. I am so torn and additionally I spent a lot of money on the hobonichi journals. I bough both a5 and a6. I am afraid that if I sell I may regret.

    1. Hi dear,
      I know exactly what you mean. I made the mistake of buying both A5 and A6 last year and ended up not finishing either. My A5 ended up being used as a lecture notebook which I guess still served its purpose. I wanted to try again this year with just an A5 and although I could've possibly kept up with it for the year, it was just tiring doing so for me. I was particularly fortunate that someone wanted to buy my Avecs off me with used pages torn out but I know that I do not regret it one bit. It all comes down to you and what you like using. If you're already having second thoughts about it, it might be time to abandon ship because in the end, something that was once was enjoyable, has now become a chore (from what I experience!). But I do understand about costs so make it work, if you must, but dont feel bad if you can't! You can always use those books for other purposes! Hope this helps!