February 20, 2016


I rarely do haul posts, but I recently got a package full of new stationery from the one and only Aussie Notemaker, and I decided that it would be a waste not to review these amazing goodies for you guys. I've taken an abundance of photos though, so be warned, this post will be picture heavy (but who doesn't like pictures?)

The items I will be going through in the post includes:
1- Lamy Al-Star Charged Green
2- De Atramentis and J Herbin Inks
3- Hightide Pencil Case & Graph Paper Pads
4- Craft Design Technology Brush Pen
5- MT Masking Tape

Lamy Al-Str Charged Green

If you're a green lover like me, you'll love the 2016 Limited Edition Charged Green Al-star by Lamy. Every year, Lamy brings out a limited edition for the year, and because I love the Aluminium version, this was perfect. I got the medium nib for this, and since I own both the extra fine and fine nibs already, it was a great edition to test out the different sizes (I still prefer the extra fine, though).

Here's how it looks like pulled apart, getting ready to be filled up with a cartridge:

Once I loaded it up with the limited edition Charge Green ink, I tested it out on 80gsm regular printer paper, and here's how it looks:

On first try, the ink was more of a dark olive green, but after testing it out further, the ink actually lightened up to a more yellow green colour, which was actually pretty nice. Unfortunately, I didn't actually take a picture of this...

And if you have the Blue Green edition, here's a little colour comparison:

Overall, because I have used Lamy fountain pens previously, I know that this one will hold up just as well as the others. I'm definitely loving the new colour addition to the family though!

De Atramentis and J Herbin Inks
I must admit, it has been a while since I have played with my fountain pens. I tend to use my Uni Style Fit 0.28 pens in my MTN and journal posts as I'm able to write super small to save space, but since I was itching to play with my new inks, I decided to spend the entire morning cleaning and refilling my new inks into my 3 fountain pens.

In this haul, I got two de Atramentis ink - one cherry blossom and one fig ink, and what I love love love about these two inks is that they're scented, and they smell absolutely divine! Cherry blossom really does smell like it while the fig ink smells a little more like bubblegum rather than fig, but still lovely anyway! And of course, I did test runs. I had previously bought J Herbin sample bottles from Notemaker as well but have yet to try them out, so since I was testing out my De Atramentis, I decided to give my J Herbins a go too.

Here's a little close up of the inks (unedited picture):

I actually couldn't really pick a favourite of mine from the colours I had, but if I had to, it would definitely be the Cherry Blossom, followed by the four J Herbins shown, respectively. I love how bright and saturated the colours were, so in my fountain pens they went! I tested these inks on my 2015 Hobonichi techo, and because the paper is so thin, there were so show and bleed through, however, I know that they should be fine on any other paper.

Hightide Pencil Case & Graph Paper Pads
Hightide is a new Japanese brand coming to Notemaker's ever expanding store. I love Japan made items, and I can't really decide why; maybe it's the quality of the items and maybe it's because Japan is basically the birth place of Midori and all the other awesome stationery I have, but either way, I love it. I was fortunate enough to have been gifted some Hightide graph paper and a pencil case by Notemaker, so here's some photos of them. The first is the roll pencil case which I must admit, I have been looking all over for. I love roll pencil cases, and the other I had was used for my art supplies. The one thing I like about this roll pencil case is how versatile it really is. When unrolled, you can see how there are three different 'sections' you can put your things in:

The next item is the graph paper pads: I got an A5 and A4 paper pad with both possessing tear off sheets. I haven't yet tested the paper, but I'm hoping these will stand up well to all kinds of pens.

Oh, and if you're wondering, yes the A5 does fit into the back of the Kikki K. So if you ever need paper in your planner, tear those sheets off, punch it and in your planner they go. Easy.

Craft Design Technology Brush Pen
I was actually looking to buy this brush pen a while ago, but decided that I should actually improve on my brush lettering skills before I buy another one, so I'm glad that I managed to try one out thanks to Notemaker. Here's some overview pictures:

When opened:

And after loading the cartridge (which came with the brush pen), I tested it out on 80gsm printer paper:

I definitely still need to practice my brush lettering, but you get the gist - hah. I've even demonstrated how thick and thin the brush pen can go. I must admit though, the brush on this pen is amazing. You're able to create varying widths by applying only a little bit of pressure and it springs back so so easily - much better than any brush pen I have ever used in fact! I am definitely mighty impressed with this and can't wait to get better with it.

The only minus point of this product is this (excuse the typed words!):

The ink shows and bleeds through. But do remember that I have only tried this on 80gsm paper, which may be too thin for a medium like this. I'm sure that thicker paper will hold up much better with minimal or no bleed / show through.

MT Washi Tape:
There really isn't much to say about these lovely things, but I've been wanting that book washi tape since seeing it in Kelly Purkey's shop and I'm so glad that I currently have one in my possession. I was also fortunate enough to receive a three pack of thin washi tape and two new limited edition Miroslav Sasek thick washi. I'm actually amazed at the little Paris and New York drawings on the Sasek washi tape and can't wait to cut them up to use as stickers.

You can get all these things on Notemaker. Some of the items (like the Lamy Al-star) are yet to be released on the site yet, but rest assured, they will be there! I've been a long time customer of Notemaker (to the point where I now enjoy 10% discount for every order because I've ordered more than 10 times from their site - lol) as they offer a range of items and have pretty great service. I remember the first time I ordered from Notemaker was to purchase a Brown MTN, but because they didn't have it in stock, they asked if I would be fine with a black, and threw in extras as well for the trouble! They ship super fast and because I live in the same area as their office and warehouse, I will more often than not, always get my order the day after its shipped (without even paying for express!).

NB. Items pictured in this post has been kindly gifted to me by Notemaker, but has not influenced my opinions on the items whatsoever. I wouldn't recommend anything I wouldn't use. Now, you can click here to be redirected to their wonderful site so you can fill your cart with yummy stationery goodies.

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