December 9, 2015


TIME: 5:51pm
LOCATION: Craft room / bedroom
FEELING: A little bored, a little determined, and a little anxious
LOVING: Illustrator
READING: Cecelia Ahern - The Year I Met You
ANTICIPATING: Job replies from 3 hospitals
LISTENING: Shane Filan - Worst Kind of Love
WATCHING: The latest episode of Once Upon a Time - my heart is torn once again by it
PLANNING: To go to Spotlight to get the new Heidi Swapp 2016 planners (sshh)
LOOKING FORWARD: To the arrival of my cousin on the 24th of December
CREATING: New digital stamp sets for my upcoming Bigcartel shop!
NEED TO FINISH: Sending off my resumes
WISHING: Someone would just give me a job without the hassle of interviews (lol!)

MAIN GOAL: Apply to all the radiography jobs out there, create new digital stamp sets, buy myself a mouse, and get the new Heidi Swapp Memory Planner from Spotlight!


  1. I have a very similar wish, ha! Good luck with your interviews and the replies you are waiting for! :D