December 31, 2015

2016 GOALS

I can't believe 2016 is just around the corner! And just like a million other people prepping for the new year, I'm here to bring you my 2016 goals. But before I get to them, here's a look at how my December goals went, and how much I've accomplished:
  • ü Create 5 x digital stamp sets
  • ü Send my resume to more hospitals!
  • x    Take on another MTN daily month
  • ü Blog more often
  • ü Spend less, save more
  • ü Decide which planners to use for 2016
Not bad, I reckon!

2016 Goals:
  • Project Life: I'm going to try to make my Project Life work a physical product for 2016. I managed to keep up with one on the digital app, but I've been itching to use the 29357345 Project Life cards I've accumulated over the years.
  • Spend less: I think we make this goal every year, but I have yet to see it actually working. Hah
  • Launch my digital stamp collection: They are officially going to be on sale on the 1st of January!
  • Create physical stamp sets: This would have to be the very top of my list, but because of the low exchange rate Australia has with the US currently, it is making it impossible for me to do so. Let's just hope 2016 will take a turn for the better!
  • Art: I need to make art a habit in my life. Practice makes perfect, and I want to perfect my watercolour and drawing skills. Let's do this in 2016
  • Instagram: I plan to incorporate more than just planners and creative works in my Instagram account for 2016. I want to post pictures of places I've been to and beautiful sights worth documenting, and I hope you'll love them too.
  • Read: My uncle was visiting at the time I was typing this up and he told me the importance of reading; reading for knowledge and reading for learning. I need to read more books in 2016, especially now that I have finished uni.
  • Graduate: This is basically a definite event, but it's still a goal for 2016!
  • Get a job: I need one. Badly. I just need someone to hire me!
  • Use up my stash: Yep, don't we all
What are your goals for 2016?

January Goals:
  • Launch my digital shop
  • Get a job
  • Document every day in my Hobonichi
  • Spend less than $300
  • Create 5x digital stamp sets
Let's do this!

PS. I've made a simple January and February PDF calendar which will fit nicely in a regular sized MTN. Feel free to use them but remember, personal use only! Just click here to download the PDF

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