January 1, 2016


Seems like yesterday that I opened up my Bigcartel shop to sell some stationery items. This time, my Bigcartel shop will be housing digital stamp sets. I have found myself a pretty great stamp manufacturer in the US, but because of the low Aussie dollar, I will have to postpone production of physical stamps for now, but rest assured, they're coming! But to kick things off, I have started with 5 (there will be more designs coming in the future!) digital stamp sets all priced at just $5 each. You will receive a zip file containing PDF, PNG and ABR (digital brushes) files with each purchase of a digital stamp set.

Here are some of my digital stamps that will be on sale in my shop:

And to celebrate the new year and my new adventure in the digital age, here's a little freebie printable for you guys. Hope you like it!

To download the file, you can either:
1- Right click on the image, open in up in a new window, and save it
2- Click here to download it from my dropbox

You'll be able to print it out and use as this as you wish (but please, only for personal use!)

Do check my shop out!


  1. your stamps are fantastic. i will be anxiously awaiting physical stamps!

    1. Hi! Thanks so so much for the feedback! You have no idea how much that means to me. Hahah. Much love!