January 3, 2016


I'm all about trying new things, and since the new year has just begun, I thought I'd give Project Life a go. Instead of the usual 12 x 12" album though, I've decided to follow Kelly Purkey's footsteps and run with a 6 x 12". I knew that my local Spotlight had these 6 x 12" Thickers album in store already (as I've been eyeing them for months!), so I was pretty much set to start straight away. The best part was, they've decided to put the album on clearance, so I got it for cheaper than I expected it to be. Hurrah!

I'm still waiting on my Project Life (Design H) inserts to arrive from an online Aussie Project Life store, but I decided that since I had some left over 12 x 12" inserts already, cutting them up in half works like a breeze as well.

I'm probably regretting not starting this album last year when my life was a little bit more busy though, but I guess the empty uni load will actually help me get through one succesfully this year. I'm looking forward to finally using up my stash on this year-long project and finally using those accumulated Project Life cards! I'll post some layouts on my blog when I get the chance (amongst the many other layouts), so stay tuned!

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