January 25, 2016


I know I'm jumping around with my Project Life weeks but I've been on a creative block for week 2 for the longest time. I just didn't know how to progress with my pages until yesterday. I was trying to find the 'perfect' coordinating Project Life card to go with my pages but can't seem to hit the nail on the head with all those I've been trying. I then decided to go out of the 'theme' of the week and actually found the perfect one. This is how the week looks overall:

Here are some close up shots:

I can't seem to remember the name of the Project Life pack, but it was filled with art journal style cards which looked amazing. However, I never seemed to find a layout that fitted these cards till I decided to randomly throw them into this week's spread. I'm actually amazed at how well it suited. I especially love the torn paper effect on the bottom right of the spread which matched the colour of the book I was reading.

Apart from the Project Life cards, I used my typewriter to type out the story of the week before cutting it into strips and sticking it on the PL card. I used alpha stamps from Kelly Purkey and Ali Edwards and stickers from Sn@p. I didn't use too many embellishments in this layout but love that it managed to look complete nevertheless.

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