January 26, 2016


I was hell bent into not creating an MTN scrapbook this year, because after all, I have my Hobonichi (which was meant to be documenting these things!). But my Hobonichi has now turned into an art journal more than anything else, and I haven't really felt the pull to print my photos out and stick them in there. So last afternoon, around 4pm, I was sitting in my room, looking at my stamp stack, seeing my unused printer and all my pictures not printed thinking, you know what, let's just start a 'no-commitment' MTN scrapbook.

When I say 'no-commitment', I mean documenting events I see fit to document whenever I want to. I used to document every week and then every day in my MTN, because it was really my only way to document my days. But now that I have a Project Life album, this scrapbook will be one that can see me scrapbooking as much as once a day, or as little as once a month. I'm trying to put no pressure on myself for these scrapbook layouts because I already have a hundred other projects that requires my daily / weekly attention.

Anyway, for this little project, I decided to use my kraft traveler's notebook. I haven't used a kraft notebook before and this will be a nice little challenge for me. I love how the colours pop while using kraft layouts, but am a little bummed that my yellow versamagic and Kaisercraft chalk inks barely show. I had to use my Yoobi chalk marker in order to make it more visible. The spread below showcases two different days with some journaling at the bottom. Again, I'm not trying to make this my new journal so I've kept my journaling to a limit. My full journal posts are hidden in my Hobonichi.

I used a variety of supplies for this spread from a number of different brands, including papers, inks, stamps and stencils from Kaisercraft (love the paper!), inks from Versamagic, stamps and dies from Kelly Purkey and Studio Calico, stickers from Sn@p, and washi tape from mt.

I love the empty spaces I've left out in this spread but because of it, find like this spread is missing something too (let me know if you think the same thing!). Either way, here's to a new beginning of scrapbooking in my MTN!


  1. I quite like the idea of a no-commitment scrapbook. I always mean to scrapbook more, but hardly ever get around to it (partly because getting photos printed is a bit of a hassle, partly because there's so much stuff to drag out for it). I've debated saving up to get one of those little tiny on-the-go printers or something or other, to add photos into my journaling, but I have Project Life stuff I should be using, and a whole album to fill up...the indecision means not a lot gets done, ha!

    Your spread here is lovely, kraft paper is a fantastic background! I understand thinking that i's missing something, but empty space just means your eyes have more space to roam to find something to see - which is never really a bad thing!

    1. Ahh thanks so much for your comment! Really appreciate the feedback! I guess I'm going to let the empty space ride it out and hopefully I'll get used to it! Hahah. As for printers, I've found that little printers such as the LG Pogo and those similar aren't too good a quality. I have the Polaroid Zink printer and although nice and portable, the quality turns me off (not to mention, it's not too cheap either!) If you go with something like the Canon Selphy, it's a tad bit bigger but prints much much much better quality pictures. The price difference isn't too much, and it doesn't take much room / setting up either!