January 4, 2016


TIME: 6:49PM
LOCATION: Craft room / bedroom
FEELING: Satisfied with my craft haul today, but anxious about my upcoming interviews
LOVING: My shopping haul from yesterday
READING: Cecilia Ahern - The Year I Met You
EATING: Natural Confectionery Company's Party Mix Sweets
ANTICIPATING: My job interviews coming up in 3 days!
LISTENING: To the trees rustle outside
WATCHING: Sherlock - The Abominable Bride
PLANNING TO: Practice some interview questions before the big day
LOOKING FORWARD TO: Going back to Singapore in February
CREATING: New digital stamp sets
NEED TO FINISH: My Hobonichi entries
WISHING: I had bought more Natural Confectionery packs...

MAIN GOAL: Finish my Project Life spread. Update my Hobonichi. (Get some dinner in between). Ace the interviews. Get a job. Yes.

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