May 6, 2016


A while ago, I received a little customised present from Bookblock Original. Now, this company is revolutionary - only because you're able to customise your own notebook inside and out. I'm particularly picky with my notebook. It has to have certain paper thickness, soft / hard cover, etc. So when Phoebe from the Bookblock team asked if I wanted to try out their fully customisable notebooks, you bet I said yes.

But before I get into the details of the notebook I received, here's a little overview on their company:

Bookblock Original used to manufacture notebooks for agencies and brands, but recently decided to downscale their process so that illustrators, designers and notebook lovers (basically you and me!) in general are able to produce their own fully customisable notebooks! They are manufactured in the UK, contain recycled paper, and are able to create customisable notebook covers with full bleed digitally printed covers. This means that for approx. the same price as a Moleskine, you'll be able to not only create your own cover, but choose the type of paper that goes in it, the availability of a back pocket and even pictures on the inside!

So of course, when I had the opportunity to make my own, I had to create something entirely for me, which meant drawing (literally) up an original artwork for my front cover. Here's a close up of my artwork on my new notebook:

As you can see, every little detail of my line work has been carefully printed out onto the front cover and I can't wait to customise it a little bit more by adding some paint (yes paint!) to the front cover when I get the time. I have so many ideas for this blank canvas and I'm absolutely stoked to get started on it.

I managed to get the plain paper option on the inside and was pleasantly surprised when I found out that the actual pages in the notebook is from the Monsieur brand (which I love!):

I own a couple of sketchbooks from the Monsieur brand and know the quality they have, but have yet to test out the plain pages. Here's to hoping that it doesn't disappoint!

Check out their site here if you want to find out more and create one for yourself!

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