May 3, 2016


On Wednesday, two weeks ago, I decided that it was time to get on with using my 8273458 MTN notebooks. I had a spare plain notebook in my MTN when I was at work and I just had too much information in my head that needed to be noted down and stored so that I didn't forget. So with just a pen and the notebook, I wrote. I didn't have any washi tape with me, nor did I have any stickers, no stamps or pretty paper - just a pen and a lack of fear of the white page. Once I made the initial mark in the notebook, everything flowed out easily and without any doubt. I know I keep saying that I will make 'xyz' notebook plain and simple (but end up decorating till no end), but I think this will stay that way. Decorating a spread is always fun, but it takes time. With my brain dump book, I won't have that time, so I'll be relying on just minimalistic doodles and words. And just because a notebook is filled with just that, doesn't mean it can't look great too. Here's a look into one of my pages:

Hope you've got a brain dump book too, because it really is just therapeutic!

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