April 30, 2016

MTN WEEKLY 2016 #9

I admit, I skipped a week in my MTN, but only because I just couldn't keep up with all my journaling and creating new projects when I know I should be finishing the old ones. But don't get me wrong, I'm still doing my MTN weekly - just in a different style, and one that I like a lot more than before. If you follow me on Instagram (@lettersinnovember), you'll know what I'm talking about. I used to use my MTN weekly insert to journal on the left and scrapbook on the right, but now that I can't even keep up with journaling in my Kikki K, I've decided to scrap the journaling and go for a more spontaneous merge of to do lists and memory keeping. It's working well so far as I do my decorating on the go and need not cram a whole week of scrapbooking in one day. This is the first week of my spontaneous / messy scrapping in my MTN:

I used a whole bunch of different stamps, stickers etc in this spread, like Kelly Purkey, Kmart, Tim Holtz and MT washi tape, but the items I'm planning to utilise in future spreads will all depend on what I get my hands on in that particular week. Check back soon for a look into the next spread I did in my MTN!

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