April 17, 2016


I get a little excited every time Kelly Purkey releases a new set of stamps, and March's release was no exception. I was a little late to the game (thanks to snailmail), but was still super psyched to receive the new stamp sets which included these babies (click here to get your hands on them)!:

I haven't yet played with each and every stamp set but here's one project I have started with and will eventually end up in my 2016 Project Life album:

I love stamping white phrases on my photos - especially since most of my photos have a brown tone to them. A lot of people have been asking what ink I use on photos - especially glossy ones - and here's the secret: Using white stamp ink alone doesn't do the trick. Archival Brilliance Moonlight White ink is the brand I use to stamp the phrases onto my photos initially, but the Posca White marker seen in the picture above is what causes these phrases to pop. Using the stamp alone will transfer some ink to the photo, but not enough to give a clear crisp image. Outlining and colouring in with the Posca white marker will allow the image below to be covered entirely causing the words to shine through. It might take extra work, but it's definitely worth it.

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