June 27, 2016


To make up for the ceasing of my MTN weekly posts, I've decided to pick up a new blog post trend for my Bullet Journaling. This form of documenting has been the most practical and easiest to keep up with for a few weeks, and may very well be the only method that works for me right now. I've wrote a number of Bullet Journaling posts in the past, so this post will really be just an overview of the pages I've done and hopefully give you some ideas of how to set up your spreads:

I've been focusing on creating simple spreads in my MTN, with pages not taking longer than an hour to put together. Embellishments are kept to a minimum and supplies include the use of stickers, journaling cards, and stamps from a variety of sources (Kelly Purkey, Kaisercraft, Amy Tangerine. etc).

Till the next MTN post!

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