June 1, 2016


It's crazy to think we're almost half way through the year. It won't be long before we're making new year's resolutions and buying up 2017 planners too! Either way, here's a look at how I faired at last month's goals before heading into the new month (and season!)
  • x    Read two books: Nicholas Sparks / Jojo Moyes
  • x    Catch up with my PL layouts
  • ü Catch up with my MTN journaling
  • ü Blog post at least once a week!
  • x    Decrease the sweets
  • ü Keep up with my brain dump book
Lol well, there's always June right? But to be perfectly honest, I don't have high hopes for June as I know my schedule will be packed from morning to night. But here's to hoping:
  • Read two books
  • Keep a habits tracking list
  • Exercise!
  • Donate, donate, donate!
  • Keep up with the blogging
  • No Less spending
Let's do this!

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