June 26, 2016


O-Check Notebooks

I love vintage looking things, and the new O-Check notebooks sold by Notemaker currently fit the bill. Notemaker recently sent me a big box of new O-Check notebooks and I've been psyched to write up a post for you guys.

The first set of new notebooks from O-Check are called the Utility notebooks and comes in a variety of sizes and colours, with two being squared and perfect for field drawings. They're made from recycled paper so they're well made for drier mediums like pencil, ballpoints and gel pens. I've yet to try the paper out with my fountain pens, but as I plan to use them primarily for sketches, I'm not too fussed.

The cover is made of sturdy cardboard, and the one feature I absolutely love about these notebooks is the fabric spine:

Not to mention, these notebooks are able to lie absolutely flat when opened due to these fabric spines:

The next set of notebooks from the new O-Check range are these old-school cahiers:

They're ruled on the inside and reminds me of my primary days when I used to use these notebooks:

They come in five different designs, each featuring a different animal on the front. I have a thing for foxes currently, so had to have one of them for my collection! And because I've reached 20k on my Instagram, Notemaker and I have teamed up to give away these cahier notebooks to FIVE lucky winners. Check my Instagram out for more details!

You can find all of these notebooks at Notemaker (click here to be redirected to their site). I've been a long time shopper of Notemaker, and have always been provided with great service and fast shipping. And once you've purchased from them at least ten times, you'll be a lifetime member getting 10% off EVERY order from them! So if you're looking for your next stationery fix, don't forget to pop by Notemaker - you won't be disappointed!

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