July 14, 2016


TIME: 7:45PM
LOCATION: Bedroom / studio / office
FEELING: Cold. So so cold.
LOVING: My new Silhoutte Cameo!
READING: Donna Tart - The Goldfinch (yep, I'm trying to finish it again a year later)
DRINKING:  Honey & lemon to fight off the last of my cold
ANTICIPATING: The end of my work contract with one of the best RAD team I've been with :(
LISTENING:Charlie Puth - Superman (new fav!)
WATCHING: Pretty Little Liars
PLANNING: To catch them all (anyone else hooked with Pokemon Go?)
LOOKING FORWARD TO: Weekend outing with friends
CREATING: MTN spreads for the week
NEED TO FINISH: 2016 Project Life spreads!
WISHING: I had more time

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