July 24, 2016


The lovely Carissa from Pipsticks contacted me recently asking whether I wanted to try out their ah-maazing sticker pack a few weeks back, and being a lover of stickers, of course I said yes! I had to wait patiently for my pack though as it was flying all the way from the great USA, but when it arrived, it was well worth it.

A little background on Pipsticks: Pipsticks is a subscription sticker club. They design and source stickers from the best supplies all over the world in order to give members a gorgeously packaged (just look at the picture below to understand that this is not an over statement!), affordable, unique stash of special stickers when they need them (because who doesn't need stickers in their life?!). The sticker club was started by Maureen, and have subscribers from over 50 countries!

Here's a look at the pack when it arrived:

The sticker pack attracts you from the get go, because of the unique little packaging it comes in, and I'm actually amazed no one in the post office has taken it for themselves (hah!). But now to the insides:

As you can see, their pack is FULL of super cute stickers. I've already started using them in my MTN weekly diary posts, as they're just so versatile. And the best part is: they're coming up on their second birthday this September, and they'll be celebrating it with a MEGA pack of stickers, stuffed even more than usual. If you don't want to miss out on this mega pack coming in a few months, Pipsticks and I have teamed up to give you 15% off the first month of any subscription using the code: NOV15. Yay! You don't want to miss out!

(You can check out their website for more information by clicking here)

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