July 8, 2016


I've been experimenting a little with my newest project for the second half of the year (!!) since the start of July, and I think it's coming up great (for now). I'm on track for it, and although there is still that pressure to get it perfect like all the other posts I see out there, I think I'll loosen up once I get into the groove of things. But what is this project, I'm mentioning? Well, this:

I managed to get my hands on the undated MTN weekly diary spread onto two pages from Bookbinders Online on the first day of July and got straight into it. I never seemed to like this format until I saw their use on some of my fav Instagram accounts. Now I see why it's another great way of documentation.

This may very well be the next 'MTN Weekly' post that will be featured on my blog, so there are definitely exciting times ahead! Stay tuned!

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