December 27, 2016


So yes, I am in fact writing this up just as December is about to come to an end. But that's alright. At least I'll now be able to both write up and take a look at how my goals went for the month and for the whole year (because 2017 is just 5 days away !!).

So first thing first, a look at my December goals and how I went:

  1. (TICK) Read two books: I managed finish reading one novel (Fantastic Beasts) and one self-help book (The Life Plan) so yes, this goal was in fact reached. Hurrah! I'm currently in the process of reading The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*^k but all is well if I don't get to finish that.
  2. (HALF-TICK) Finish up my Travel Notebook: So I've started it... and did some pages... but work has been taking up more of my time than usual. I'm still aiming to finish it up, but I guess it'll only be done in 2017.
  3. (TICK) Decide on 2017 Diaries: Ah yes, the usual end-of-year struggle. As usual, I've ended up with more than I need, but for the first time since my planning addiction started, I actually have a function for each of them. Look out for my next post for details on them all.
  4. (HALF TICK) No Spend - until Nov 26th: I kinda held back in my spending this month, and there was a whole week where I did not spend a dime! I think for me, that's a great achievement. We'll discard what happened during the Boxing Day sales though...
  5. (FAIL) Edit Blog Layout: I tried. Or at least I think I tried. 2017 will be the year, I promise (ha.)
  6. (TICK) Keep a Notebook: I almost stopped halfway for my 'messy' notebook, but I think I finally broke through the 'trying to keep the notebook clean' stage and am using it to its full potential - messy notes and all. I'll continue with the notebook into the new year.
  7. (FAIL) Calculate Holiday Expenses: But really, do I have to? We all know I spent at least $3000...
I must say, I'm actually quite surprised to know I've faired quite well this month. Not a bad way to end the month (and year). But now, to the big one - let's see how well I went with the yearly goals:

  1. (FAIL) Project Life: It was working well, at first; I was up to date and super psyched to use stamps on my images. But then the pictures weren't getting printed and the weeks were passing and well... yknow..
  2. (FAIL) Spend less: Well, we all know how I went with this..
  3. (FAIL) Launch my digital stamp collection: Gosh, I forgot that I started this. With work 5 days (sometimes 7 days) a week, and a failure to advertise my brand - completely my own fault - this died a very quick death.
  4. (FAIL) Create physical stamp sets: Because the Australian dollar never made it on par with the American dollar (and with all stamp manufacturing being in America), this never kicked off, unfortunately.
  5. (FAIL) Art: I've dabbled in my art here and there, but nothing too concrete that I can be proud of.
  6. Instagram: My Instagram is still full of stationery posts, but I think I'm ok with that.
  7. (TICK) Read: Finally, something I can tick off in 2016. I definitely read more than a number of previous years combined, and I'm actually quite proud of myself. Go me.
  8. (TICK) Graduate: Must admit, graduation wasn't even all that amazing... =/
  9. (TICK) Get a job: It's amazing how far I've actually come this year in terms of finding employment in my profession. I went from a fresh graduate to a contract employee, which made me more confident in what I was doing and now a full time permanent employee at a hospital I love, and trained in more than I hoped for.
  10. (FAIL) Use up my stash: Still working on this. Might take me a few more years...
Three ticks out of ten.. uhh yeh.. Let's hope 2017 fares a little better.. 2017 goals in a few days to come!

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