November 28, 2016


It's almost the end of the year, and with the silly season upon us, it's never too early to start getting 2017 sorted. Every year, I tell myself to limit the amount of diaries I own, because for one, I tend to find a hard time looking for a reason to use each one. But when pretty diaries show up on my doorstep with layouts that are just begging me to try, how could I say no?

And so, that brings me to the next set of 2017 planners (and notebooks) for review: Bloom Daily Planners. Bloom Daily Planners is an American planner company devoted to designing planners to fit everyone, from Middle Schoolers to moms alike. With cover designs as diverse as the fabulous women who use them, spacious layouts and inspirational features, their aim is to make staying organised trendy and fun. One design which absolutely appealed to me (and to many others apparently from how often it sells out!), however, was their Vintage Floral Collection. Despite it not being too obvious, I love floral patterns, and when I saw this on their site, it was my one and only choice! I had to have them (all)!

Sage from Bloom Daily Planners was super nice enough to send me the Vision Planner from the Vintage Floral collection that I was eyeing and surprised me with a bunch of other goodies from that collection as well (major thanks, girl!). So here I am today, to give you a full review and look through to all the planners, notebooks and notepads I received. There'll also be a little something for readers at the end of this post! So grab a cuppa, sit back, relax and enjoy!

There are 6 items on the list which I will go over, with them being:

1- Vision Planner

Measuring at 7.5 x 9" and weighing 1lb 2oz. this planner might be slightly larger than an A5, but it's sleek design (and not too thick width) means it's still a portable planner you can take with you on the go:

This Vision planner was the one that caught my eye when I was browsing through the list of products available on their site. For one, the gold binding is gorgeous, and the inside reflected that of the Erin Condren / Get to Work / Happy planner without the hefty price tags:

In addition to that, however, with it being a Vision Planner, it also included extra pages to help fulfil your 2017 goals such as:


But I think the best part of the planner is that it's hard cover with metal edges. The insides may be one thing but if the planner doesn't last the every day beatings it will undoubtedly take, what's the point, no? We don't need our planners to fall apart because I'm sure our life will consequently follow!

2- Daily Planner

The daily planner is slightly smaller than the Vision measuring at 6 x 8.25", and 12.7oz, which definitely makes it a portable planner:

It has a very simple design, with monthly tabs, and monthly calendars at the beginning of each month (just as it should be!).

The week is distributed over two pages with simple lines for each day:

And at the end of the planner is a yearly overview and a nice slot for all your bits and bobs on the back cover:

3- Daily To Do (Notepad and Book)

The Daily To-Dos come in two option: a binded notebook or tear-away sheet form. Either way, they both contain similar information (the notepad is just more colourful!). The best part of the notebook, however, is that it too contains perforated sheets. So if you ever need to take your list with you but don't want to carry the whole book, just tear the sheet away and you're done.

Here's a closer look at the notepad and what's included in the list:

4- Stickers

The stickers they had were the next thing that caught my eye after the Vision Planner. I mean, look how colourful they are! I must admit, I'm lucky enough to not be bitten by the Etsy Sticker Bug as I tend not to buy too many planner stickers. But it's fair to say that I couldn't resist these.

5- Notebook

If you're a student, or even if you just love notebooks like I do, this notebook is a perfect addition to complete your Vintage Floral collection:

It's ruled on the inside which makes things a lot easier for writing notes.

And that's the end of the list! If you're interested in any of the products, just head to Bloom Daily Planners here. Do check out their other collection too as it sure won't disappoint! I hope you enjoyed this review and have another set of choices for your 2017 planning!


  1. This is amazing! Thank you so much for the thourough, detailed review! Your photography skills are on point!