November 1, 2016


I actually cannot believe it's already November. Wow. Two more months and it'll be the end of the year. Already! It's going to be an exciting month this one, with me going overseas for the first time in a long long time and possibly a few workplace changes too. Either way, here's a look at how last month's goals faired and a look into this month's too:
  1. (TICK) Read at least two books:
    - Girl on the Train
    - How to be Parisienne
  2. (HALF TICK) Research up and document all things Paris!
    - I seem to be changing up notebooks every time to plan my days in Paris, but with a week left to decide what to use, I think I'll be sticking to one notebook now...
  3. (HALF TICK) Test out the Contax G1 + film photography
    I'm still in the process of testing it out and I so badly want to finish up my film so I can process it and see how the pictures turn out, but I'm finding it hard to find subjects to photograph! I guess it'll be a long while before I get to see the photos.
  4. (FAIL) Save
    To be fair, I've been basically working every day and will be working every day from last week till next week, so I guess that makes up for all the spending I did...
As for November's goals:
  1. Read at least two books:
    Knowing I'll be on the plane for hours at a time, I think it'll be a good time to catch up on some reading. I can't possibly be bringing my books with me along though, so my kindle app on my iPad will have to do. But before the trip, I'm going to try to devour the rest of Dan Brown's Digital Fortress since I've already started that.
  2. Finish planning up Paris:
    I can't delay this any further or else I'll end up with half a dozen notebooks of Paris planning that aren't complete!
  3. Keep a notebook:
    As easy as that sounds, it really isn't. Sure I've kept dozens of Bullet Journals / MTN diary, but a notebook filled with random quotes, notes and doodles? That seems to be the hardest for me. I need to start a notebook out simple, quick and without expectations. It seems like only then will I be able to keep at it without wanting to start another fresh book
  4. Document my travels on the go:
    I still can't believe I'm going off on holidays this month and this will definitely be the biggest and probably most difficult goal to accomplish. I seem to leave my travel documentation till the end of the trip when I have all my tools with me at home, but let's hope I can do things on the go this time! Not to mention, take all the pictures!
  5. Update my blog layout:
    I think it's taken me a whole year to do this. I seem to always get sidetracked and do other things instead. Oops.
  6. Continue with my November Daily Notebook:
    I started a daily entry book in November last year and promised myself to continue it the year after (which is this month!). It's going to be nice to see how much has changed since then
Exciting times ahead!

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  1. Love your notebook goal! I always start notebooks and then apply too many 'rules' to what it can be used for and end up not using it at all.