November 2, 2016


Oh, it's almost that time of the year again - deciding what notebook / planner / diary to use for the new year. I've been spoilt for choices this time, being fortunate to pick a number of different types. Not all will make the cut, of course, but that doesn't mean I won't be reviewing all of them for you so that you can make the right choice. So for the next two months, look out for 2017 diary reviews right here as I'll be looking at a number of choices before the new year begins!

The first one on the review list is the absolutely customisable Personal Planner diary. You can find a link to their site here. This company is basically one to fill all your needs in terms of size, writing space, what's included, front page photos, back page photos and even your ruler colour!

I decided to pick the A6 size for work, which will be big enough to fit my work schedule. I designed my front cover with an artwork I did recently, picked my elastic band colour and settled for a simple black colour for my back page. This is how it turned out:

The colours were super bright and vibrant and represented exactly what I had in my original artwork. I was thoroughly impressed.

The insides were as much fun to design as were the outside. I was spoiled for choices and there'll be much more choices if you go for the A5, square, or wide sizes due to the bigger size format to fit more things in. It's actually amazing how much you can choose to include or exclude in your pages and I just had to try all the options. Who knew designing your diary would be so much fun?!

You can select the theme of your borders, dates included, and what you have on the bottom of your planner. This way, you won't have unnecessary categories clogging up your page when it could've been used for something else instead.

The back pages are reserved for things like the wolrd map, additional ruled / lined / grid pages and yearly overviews.

It's a perfect little planner that you can use on the go. It's made of sturdy materials and includes a hard plastic flyleaf on the front and back of the planner. They even include a plastic pocket, a coloured ruler of your own choice and a sticker sheet full of fun little emoticons! The best part is: it's not even expensive for the service and quality you get!

So if you want to create your own customisable diary for the new year, do check out Personal Planner. You won't be disappointed!

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