November 6, 2016


Along with scrapbooking / memory keeping / Midori Traveler's Notebooking, I try to expand my creativity with different art mediums and techniques. Recently, I've picked up brush lettering after seeing so many great artworks on Instagram. For me, when it comes to brush lettering, it all depends on the brush pen you're using (and occasionally the paper). There are hundreds of different types on the market, but I've found that the Tombow dual brush markers works the best for me.

Now to the actual lettering bits: I know that some people find it hard grasping the concepts of thin and thick lines, joining alphabets etc when it comes to calligraphy writing, so I've teamed up with Olivia from Brush Lettering Practice to create some calligraphy phrases you can practice with (for free!)

The first phrase she made for us is a little phrase I think everyone should be adapting in their daily lives: Keep a notebook! Here's a little peek into what the sheets look like and how I've lettered it using my Tombow markers:

You can also check out the full (sped-up) lettering video I've done for these phrases on my Instagram!

Do check Olivia's site out (here) for more lettering sheets you can practice with. She also has a whole package of alphabet lettering sheets you can purchase in her store! But if you're interested in just this practice sheet, the download link is right below. Feel free to download the sheets and practice, practice, practice!

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