December 31, 2016


You might remember me reviewing the first ever planner Kaisercraft introduced into the planner world a year ago. Well, guess what? They're now back again, new and greatly improved. And when it comes to documenting your memories, this might be something you want to add to your collection in 2017. There are two different types of planners available from Kaisercraft this year - small and large. The small is similar to a Personal sized planner, and their trifold design definitely made my heart skip a beat. If only I didn't already own 324987 planners. The large is similar to last year's planner, and will be what I'm reviewing today. A full look into the newest planners and accessories are seen in the picture below:

The full range is shown above, but here's my own special spin and review on Kaisercraft's newest arrival: I received the orange planner from Kaisercraft too long ago (it was released end of November!), but with work and holidays filling my days, I've barely had time to play around with it. But now that 2017 is just around the corner, I thought it was best to start dressing it up!

There's so much included in the planner pack, and you'll have everything you need to begin the moment you take it home. All you have to do is crack open the box and the planner contains everything you need from monthly and weekly views, plastic dashboards, monthly dividers and even stickers!

You have pockets on the back of the front cover to store little bits and pieces, and a notebook at the back for notes. Your months are even set up for you to include monthly views, weekly views, monthly reviews, tabbed and all! Your monthly dividers also include a variety of designs made from quality paper for you to customise and add pictures to your heart's desire.

Here's a look at the monthly tabs and January's divider:

All months are set up the same way. On the back of the monthly divider comes your monthly views:

The pages are all undated so you can start whichever year you like. Turn another page and before you get to your weekly view, comes the monthly goals page. You'll be able to keep track of your goals and add in little notes for yourself before the weekly pages begin:

The weekly views are large enough to include photos and journal entries, and if you ever run out of pages, with it being ring binded, you can always add more! Use scrapbook paper to decorate your pages and the sticker sheet provided to spice up your spreads:

And at the end of the month, you'll be able to review your goals with the dedicated monthly review page provided!

And like I said, stickers are provided too!

This large planner is definitely an upgrade from Kaisercraft's previous, and if you loved the last one, you'll definitely love this one too. It's big enough to include everything from photos to memorabilia. Together with the complementary accessories (not provided), you'll be able to create a planner that will last a lifetime.

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