January 11, 2017


Ok, so as much as I'd like to forever spend on anything and everything I go 'ooooh' at, I know I can't. I must admit, I have been working quite a bit of overtime at work lately, but that doesn't mean I should spend it all at the end of pay period! So recently, Personal Capital started a little 30 Day Money Cleanse guide with tips to help you save. You can keep track of your weekly and monthly budgets with their free personal finance software hereI've shared the image below and hopefully you'll be able to take some advice from it too:

I'll be setting this Money Cleanse Guide up in my Personal Planner - where all my expenses are located - and hopefully, I'll be able to stick to it for the month. There are some bits of information on there which doesn't quite apply to me as yet, but I'm sure they'll be required in the future. A look into the layout of my Money Cleanse for inspiration will be available to view at the end of each week, and hopefully that will motivate you to take this challenge with me too!

Stay tuned!

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