November 12, 2015


Instead of posting my MTN daily entries every single day (which can be quite monotonous and tedious), I've decided to clump my entries into little parts. This part will show case days from the 3rd to the 10th of November:

3rd of November:

5th and 6th of November:

Sometimes a layout doesn't need to hold a hundred different layers of papers and embellishments. Sometimes a layout just needs some paper from a novel, a picture and written words to make it all complete. And to be honest, I quite love this layout more than I imagined I would.

7th and 8th of November:

I decided to experiment using a Faber-Castell brush Pitt pen on the 7th to write up the quote that seems to be stuck on my mind that day. I wrote the letters out by pencil first to know how the placement of words would go before outlining it in pen. It turned out better than I expected and I'll definitely be putting more of those in the future!

9th and 10th of November:

I decided to focus on using stamps these two days. They were feeling a little neglected and the Pooh Bear photo basically called for the use of paint splatter stamps and washi tape. I'm loving putting together simple pages like these as it doesn't require much time and it allows me to journal more than I ever could on my week-to-a-page diary,

And that's a wrap for this part of November! Stay tuned for Part III!


  1. hi i was wondering what kinds of pens you use for your midori. Thanks

    1. I use 0.28 Mitsubishi Uni Style Fit pens.

  2. Nadia, what do you use to print your pics and do you print it to that size or do you trim once printed?

    1. I have a post detailing all those questions. Just look at this link: