November 7, 2015


For the months of November and December, I've decided to do something different (even though I know it's probably a bad idea seeing I've got lots to do in these months!): in addition to my weekly Midori journaling, I've decided to start on my day-to-a-page Midori notebook too. This will give me the opportunity to:
1- See if I can keep up with a daily project
2- Allow me to have more freedom to journal longer stories and document a picture a day
3- See if I can do the same with a Hobonichi next year
4- Get messy and explore and experiment different creative layouts

So I guess it is kinda a good idea. So far, I'm on track. I've done days 1 - 5 in my daily MTN notebook and I'm excited to show you guys what I've done in it. I'm loving the extra space and the ability to document every little thing. Here's how I'm going so far:

November 1st & 2nd

And a little close up of the two days:

November 1st

November 2nd

I'm also starting to play a little with the lighting and editing of my photographs. For example, this picture was taken twice, one with exposures adjusted (right) so that the background turns out crisp and white, while the other (left) has had no editing in the exposure department, just some filtering using VSCO:

I still love the white background but I like how the colours are truer in the non-edited background exposure.

Let me know what you guys think!


  1. I'm trying the same thing for November and December - wanted to see if I could do the Page-a-day challenge next year.
    I am using the My Life All in ONe Place - The Daily Dashboard Large Cahier Midori insert
    I like the idea of a photo too - I'll have to see if I can do that (not a photographer like you though)

    1. Hi Sue! I'll tell you a little secret: you dont have to be a photographer to capture memories ;) Your memories are yours, try not to compare with others and you'll love the results always!