October 18, 2015


TIME: 5:59pm
LOCATION: Bedroom / craft room / office
FEELING: A lil sad that the weekend is almost over
LOVING: My cheap finds from Typo today
READING: After You by Jojo Moyes
DRINKING: A mix of cranberry, breakfast and orange juice
ANTICIPATING: The job application to my favourite hospital that will be coming out soon!
LISTENING TO: The news my parents are watching downstairs
WATCHING: Marvel's Agents of Shield
PLANNING TO: Get myself a silhouette cameo (I think it's time!)
LOOKING FORWARD TO: Going to the city next weekend with mummy dearest!
CREATING: Part II of my Kaisercraft review for their new journal planner line!
NEED TO FINISH: My uni work -__-
WISHING: I had an extra day off. Always.

MAIN GOAL: Finnish editing my resume!

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