October 5, 2015


I'm so glad that Victoria had a public holiday on Friday (even though it was for a ridiculous reason) which allowed me to catch up on some blogging and crafting. This week saw the last days of work at my favourite hospital. This week also marked the halfway point in my MTN journal. So this week needed something special.

I decided to use the Confetti collection from Crate Paper as although I'm absolutely in love with the papers, my love for it has caused me to hoard it. It honestly contains papers which can match together in more ways than one. I decided to do a full page spread this week and did something different with my journaling. Here's how my spread looks like:

Last week's MTN spread

Inspired by Stephanie Bryan's vellum picture, I decided to do something similar, whereby I printed my journaling on vellum. It was quick and easy, and although some words did rub off because I touched it right after printing, it was still the best idea I had for this week. And because I wanted to incorporate more than one picture into the spread, I did a simple flip technique using washi tape to hold it together:

I hope this post will now inspire you to create something using vellum because it is super fun!


  1. Hi i was just wondering where you got your dated weekly diary for your mtn from. Ive been trying to find the 2016 one for a while now but i have no luck. Btw i live in australia too :)

    1. Hi! I got mine from Notemaker at the beginning of the year. 2016 hasn't been released yet, or so I've seen. Maybe wait a little while longer. I'm waiting to purchase one as well :)