April 9, 2014

Zipped Personal Day Runner Review

I was browsing through Melbourne's Lincraft city store today when I came across Day Runner, an American Filofax-type brand of organisers. They aren't too famous though I have heard of them when I was researching for my first organiser at the end of last year. And guess what? They were costing just $5 for zipped Personals and "A5" type sizes and just $2 for buckled personal sizes! So of course, I had to get one to try (planning to get a few more for presents in the coming days too!)

I bought the zipped personal seeing I was looking at the compact Pennybridge a few days ago to add to my collection. It's a lot taller and thicker than a normal personal Filofax, but I guess you have to consider that it's zipped.

Day Runner

Comparing Day Runner with Holborn

Inside of Day Runner

Rings are larger than Holborn's
It contains undated refills which are approximately the same size as Filofaxs refills.

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