April 30, 2014

Olympus E-PM2 Review

A while ago (specifically, on the 6th of April 2014), I bought myself a Micro Four Thirds camera from Olympus - the Olympus E-PM2. In red. From Digidirect. For AUS$299.

It was quite a bargain, I must say, seeing everywhere else is selling it for at least $399. So when I saw the bargain one day while window shopping, I knew I had to get it. Unfortunately for me, they only had the white and red colour in stock. The white was fine but I found it a little too boring and besides, I guess I'm willing to sacrifice holding a shiny firetruck red camera for the price. Besides, I already own a black and white camera, why not add red to the colour, no?

These are the photos I got of my new camera:

The box + polaroid refills I purchased
First opened: warranty, quick guide, etc.
Olympus all wrapped up nicely in its box
My shiny new RED Olympus E-PM2

Up top
Back -  touch screen!
Up top with 14 - 42mm lens

Bottom of camera
Comparison: Olympus CSC with Canon SLR
And these are the two sample pictures I took from the Olympus with no editing whatsoever:

Pinhole Effect
Macro of my mum's mint garden

I'm just an average photographer, still learning the ropes and tricks of using an SLR (despite having one since I was 17 years old) and now, compact system camera, but I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of these new generation cameras. An SLR will always have that... definition in photos that compact cameras could never have (as far as I've experienced) but the Olympus has come close ... and may even be on par.

I own a Canon EOS 500D as well (nicknamed Chunky Monkey) and it has been with me through thick and thin, capturing all the priceless moments I've had during my last year of high school and all the events thereafter, (including taking all my pictures on this site!) but his weight has really weighed me down making me hesitant when bringing him around. I know that people are all about using their phone cameras nowadays with their increased megapixels as technology advances at a rapid rate, but it will never have that SLR quality. Yet. So in comes the Olympus. It's great for every day photos without breaking my back or my bank. It has an amazing autofocus and shutter speed so everything can be captured in the moment.

I also love the fact that its lenses are interchangeable. I am currently looking in the market for a 9mm wide-angled fisheye lens that also acts as a body cap. It's around AUS$132 (from Digidirect again) and although it utilises manual focus, its compactness allows the Olympus to be slipped inside a pocket rather than carrying the lens around. Honestly, it's perfect.

I could probably ramble on about the camera a little bit more, but alas, assignments are calling and dead lines are near. My compact Pennybridge still hasn't arrived yet, so, till then!

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