April 5, 2014

Holborn's Set Up

After days of setting up my Holborn (in between studying for a test), I finally got it to just how I want it to be. Although I know that there will be more to put in, I'm satisfied with just how it is right now. It currently holds 6 self-made dividers on the side and 3 tabs on top. The dividers are unnamed currently to allow some flexibility whenever I decide to change what goes where. The three tabs currently equate to my to-do list, and expenses, with one tab left to spare. But in order to explain this further, here comes the barrage of pictures (with the usual little annotations):

Mr Bourne with it's fabulously smooth and delicious smelling buffalo leather
 I've employed all available pockets the Holborn has offered with stickers, in the side pockets, cards in the designated card holders and money in the back pocket. I've got my sticky tabs whenever needed (with more at the back!). I'm really into the whole heritage / vintage theme currently, and I found it quite appropriate for my Holborn to have that set-up. It goes really well with Mr Bourne's leather and overall colour too!

For my first divider, I've got Kikki. K's month-on-two pages. As I'm currently waiting for my plain coloured washi tapes to be delivered, my planner pages are a little bit on the boring side, unfortunately... But either way, my monthly pages hold everything from birthdays, due dates, exams, upcoming events, holidays, etc. It's really good for looking at everything in advanced (and knowing what to study for sooner rather than later!)

Kikki. K's month on two pages
 My second divider holds Kikki. K's week on two pages diary. I find it much much better than Filofax's diary inserts because first of all, they're really cluttered with unnecessary information, making decorating the pages a pain. With Kikki. K's inserts, the pages are plain with ample space for washi decoration and sticky notes:

Second divider: Diary

Kikki. K's week on two pages
 My third divider is meant to hold my diary. My in-depth diary, where I write my thoughts, feelings, etc etc. or to hold my scribbles, doodles, notes, and stuff. But since I've been really busy currently with work and studies, it's still blank. The inserts were cut up from my unused Moleskine's grid book, so the paper is pretty good. And I know it's horrible that I cut up a Moleskine book, but as much as I loved the book, I screwed it up... which means, I will never use it again.

Third divider: Notes

My fourth divider holds my expenses and to-do list, and are home to the three tabs seen on top. I've yet to find a category for the third tab, but I'm sure it'll come in time when I need it. The inserts are again from Kikki. K because like the diary pages, they're simple and straight to the point

Fourth divider: To do & Expenses
Unlike my other dividers, I've actually customised the inside of this one. I bought some postcards recently from Sg and I decided that it's colour theme suited my vintage appeal, so in the diary it went. Along with Kaisercraft's 'Take Note' Collectables banner on the side there.

Inside of fourth divider
My expenses are also stamped with the months to let me know how much I'm spending (and to stop spending when I need to!)

For my fifth divider, I haven't really quite decided what to put in it just yet, so I'm leaving it blank for now.

Fifth divider

Sixth divider belongs to my boyfriend of almost 3 years. Inside holds all of our anniversaries, special events, tickets, photos and practically everything that holds dear to me. Safe to say, this section is going to be kept private

Sixth divider: Boyfriend
 But since it doesn't hold much currently, I shall share with you its first page. I've stuck a Kaisercraft 3x4 journal card on the front cover to act as a pocket and have added a few more inside to add some colour and variation. It's a great way to stick memorabilia onto as well

Kaisercraft Journal Cards
 And lastly, the back of my Holborn consists of a card holder which holds Polaroid pictures, movie tickets and other non-essential cards I like to keep. Then comes La De Dah's sticky tab I've punched into the organiser so my pockets doesn't become too full! And also, as you can see, I've stuck a Leuchtturm1917 pen holder on my back transparent flyleaf for my 5-pen Mitsubishi Uni. The pen holder holds the pen through the clip of the pen, rather than sliding it through. Although the Holborn holds my 5-pen just fine, it stretches the rubber to quite an extent. See, I'm scared of stretching the rubber too much which will cause slimmer pens to just fall through, so this was my resolution!

Card holder + La De Dah sticky tabs!
And that is my Holborn set up for now!

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