April 28, 2014

Filofax Personal Zipped Holborn Review

Guess what was delivered today! And yes, he was as marvelous as his brother when I first opened him up. It was quite a wait for this baby to be delivered though. ANZAC day was on Friday 25th of April in Australia so there were no deliveries on that day. But all is well now that I have my Personal zipped Holborn in my arms.

It had the same brand new leather smell that first welcomed me with my first Holborn when I first opened the box up. It felt smooth and supple, and had no ring problems too! And although the zipped version didn't contain as many secret compartments as his brother, I was still very much pleased with it. But here are the pictures to showcase my new Filofax:

Wrapped in foam for extra protection
The box
Unboxing zippy
Personal zipped Holborn in all its glory
Outside full length pocket

The zip

Full length pocket on the right
Front cover
No gaps in rings, yay!
Back cover
Back full length pocket with hidden zipped pocket

Personal zipped and personal Holborn

Height differences
Top view
Personal zipped Holborn filled!
Maybe it's just me, but I must say, there's something about the zipped version that just screams... security. Maybe it's the fact that it's zip-able making sure nothing falls out, but unlike the personal Holborn where the corners and edges were open for the world to see, the zipped version reminds me very much of a small bag where your life and secrets are kept safe and sound, away from prying eyes. Either way, I love it. I just have to see how it works in the long haul. I might customise the inserts after this seeing there are quite a few things I don't need to store in here to make it a little less bulky / heavy. 

And as for my other Holborn, it's time for it to take a break. It's stored back in its case on my bookshelf, waiting for the day I pull it back out for another adventure. I might consider selling it, but I think, with the minimal amount of Holborns going around nowadays, I might just keep.

Till then

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