April 17, 2014

Filofax Personal Scanda Review

Ok, because I sold my Filofax Pocket Finsbury (red) and my A5 Sketch (Maroon), I decided to treat myself with a rare Filofax find: the black Personal Scanda. I bought this new baby from was-is again and I must say, they do have a slightly wider variety in-store. For example, I was so surprised when I found a Personal black Malden on their shelves but none on their online store! If you can, it'll be a great trip to visit their store. They have lovely staff (though I think they only have the one guy since he served me for both of my orders) that is great for light conversations and helping you out with anything Filofax related.

But onto my new Scanda:
This was slightly an impulse buy seeing today was my last day of uni (and hence, last day of shopping) for 3 weeks and I wouldn't really be able to purchase anything anytime soon (I also need to start saving!). But I don't think it was that much of a waste of money, because firstly, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to sell it for a higher price if I find that my infatuation with the Scanda has worn off and secondly, as the lovely staff told me when I was in store, they're the last few left in the country! So naturally, I had to have it.

Here are some pictures of my new Scanda:

Unboxing Scanda

My new Personal sized black Scanda!

It's made of 'cracked leather' that has been 'subtly distressed' to give it that 'vintage-effect'. And it really has. It has the same 23mm rings as my Holborn but definitely much lesser pockets than the latter. The Scanda has six angled card pockets and one full length vertical stitched pocket on the left and one full length vertical pocket on the right. And unlike other Filofaxes, the spine has even been covered by the leather! See:

Leather covered spine
I love the belt strap that it came with, as it allows some flexibility with how much I stuff in my Filo and it's elastic pen loop is similar to the Holborn, however, Scanda has two pen loops. But like the Holborn, I probably won't end up using it for fear of stretching it with my fat Mitsubishi Uni 5-pen.

Belt strap with no buckle etc for flexibility!

Inside Scanda
Front cover

Back cover

Now, what I was surprised about was his fillings. The Scanda had Filofax refills that I have never seen being accompanied in a Filofax before. And I must say, they matched Scanda's vintage look to a great extent. The refills were cotton coloured rather than the usual white supplied with a brown ruler-page marker! I think I sound too excited about this but it really is!

Brown ruler and cream paper (paper colour unable to be seen on this photo unfortunately..)
But enough jabber, here are the rest of the pictures of the Scanda:

Top Scanda, bottom Holborn

Right Scanda, Left Holborn

Height difference: right Holborn, left Scanda

I'm not sure what I'll use my Scanda for as yet, but I may begin to alternate between my Holborn and Scanda just to get the feel of both. Till then!

NOTE: The Scanda is currently up for sale on my eBay store. Click on the 'Items for Sale' tab for more details and a link over.

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