April 23, 2014

Zipped Holborn's Purchase

So I caved. I decided that I had to have the zipped Holborn in addition to my newly purchased compact Pennybridge because it was just too rare a find to let it go. It was in the colour I wanted and was available to be purchased in the same state I was in.

So at 1pm, I sat down and bought my brown zipped Holborn. And guess what? After I purchased it, there was no zipped Holborns left! It was the last one! Not to mention, by 4pm it was processed and shipped. Great service, I must say. And since the item was in the same state as I was, customer service told me it would be arriving the next day! So fingers crossed, my Holborn will arrive before ANZAC day Friday.

Till then, ill be waiting patiently in front of my front door.

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