April 1, 2014

Filofax Dream Team

So far, I must say that these three organisers are my favourite. I know I don't exactly have much of a choice when it comes to picking (seeing 3 of my 7 Filofaxes are currently up for sale/sold), but I don't think I would trade them for any in the market currently. So here they are:

Dream team: Kikki. K Large, Filofax Personal Holborn, Filofax Pocket Malden

Stacked on top of each other

I guess from these pictures, you could also see how the three sizes differ. Kikki. K's large time planner is equivalent to Filofax's A5 (at a much cheaper price too). And although I don't carry all three around (I would love to if they weren't so heavy), they all have their.... 'purpose':

1- Pocket Malden
Maybe my pocket Malden still doesn't have a purpose as yet... It still holds my day to page diary which I update with my Holborn, but other than that, it sits at home looking pretty. Which I guess, is enough for me currently.

2- Personal Holborn
My life diary. It contains everything from my everyday diary to notes to expenses to photos to drawings. It also contains my cards and cash. It holds the world in there. I love it to bits

3- Large Time Planner
Currently, it holds personalised dividers which were meant to be for uni, but more appropriate for a scrapbook. And to be honest, I would not go out into public for people to see with those dividers inside (they're really girly with multiple shades of pink and red and love themes!). I love it nonetheless, and until I find an appropriate use for it, it shall stay home to accompany Mr Malden.

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