April 4, 2014

Goodbye Sketch!

One of the first Filofaxes I've ever purchased (for just $24.95!) was the brown Personal Sketch on Catch of the Day. It was a great bargain at the time, and not knowing much about Filofaxes just yet, I thought I'd get one from the site. To be honest, I got 3 different Filofaxes, which are now sadly, all on sale on my eBay. I've sold my brown Sketch though, so it's just my oA5 Maroon Sketch & Pocket Red Finsbury left in the collection.

Although it was a nice Filo, after a while of ... staring at it, I realised that it didn't really suit my needs. It was stiff, un-leather, and held too little pockets. Sure, the inserts were nice and coloured, but I was already planning on making my own, so it didn't really matter that much to me. So on eBay it went.

But before I could let go of it, I took a last look and a few pictures of it before I wrapped it up ready for postage. And here they are:

I hope his new owner would love him more than I could. He is a handsome one, but just not for me. So au revoir Sketch!

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