April 9, 2014

Filofax Personal Metropol Review

Ok, I know I said my pocket Malden would be the last Filofax for a while (or was it Holborn...?), but when there's a sale, and there's an urge, nothing can stop me. Unfortunately. And so, comes the birth of my personal olive Metropol.

I woke up one morning and just had this sudden urge to get a Metropol. (Bad, I know.) It's currently on sale at the Filofaxshop for $25 but only in olive and brown. Brown was too common a colour, so I decided to go with olive. And I must say... it really is olive. Here are some pictures of my new Metropol:

It's so ... olive!

Unable to lay flat. Definitely requires a few training sessions before it will
Back cover

Top comparison with Holborn

Height comparison with Holborn

Overall, what can I say about my new Filofax?
Comparing the feel, look, touch and smell of the Holborn with the Metropol, you could definitely tell which was the more expensive 'fax. However, they do differ in material, so it can't really be compared to a great degree.

Metropol would be a great beginner Filofax - for those who are just starting out and want a more 'sophisticated' buckle look instead of the elastic seen in the Domino. I know I already have one of the great versions of Filofax available and so, shouldn't really have got a Metropol, but I don't know... I guess everyone has to have that staple Metropol in their household to somehow have that complete collection. Besides, it would make a great storage for my old diary inserts once 2014 is done or a back-up in case (God forbid), my Holborn gets lost / torn / wears away.

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