May 1, 2014

Photo-a-Day May!

So I know this isn't the official Filofax photo-a-day prompt for the month of May, but I can't seem to find any out there, so this will have to make do! This list is from Fat Mum Slim and is meant to be for general every day photos, but I'm going to try and make it as Filofax related as possible. I will try to post one every week on Thursday but do forgive me if I fall behind.

You can check out the rules and the way to play this game on Fat Mum Slim's website. Feel free to take part in this with me!

And as an example, this will be the 1st of May prompt for the day:

Day 1: Begins with J: Journal

Now that May has begun, a new month means new motivation to attempt to keep an every day journal in this A6 Muji notebook tucked into my Personal Zipped Holborn!

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