May 20, 2014

Filofax Shop is on SALE!

Just to note, I am not affiliated with filofaxshop in any way, I just thought I'd like to share the news with my readers that they're having an amazing sale on now for a wide variety of Filofaxes at ridiculously low prices! And you can even get an extra 10% of if you spend $80 or more! Just use the code: WDNSTC. (I'm not sure if this applies to just AUS/NZ customers though)

I myself have bought my fair share from them already (their service is great; you'll get your order within the week if you're in Australia!), and I couldn't pass this opportunity up for the world! I went a little crazy buying new Filofaxes (my bank account has definitely taken a beating this time... I really need to stop spending!), and they include:

1- A5 Original (Green) - now out of stock as I write this!
2- A5 Aston (Chocolate)
3- A5 Sketch Zipped (Granite)
4- A5 Adelphi (Black)
5- Personal Cuban (Chili)
6- Personal Aston (Chocolate)
7- Slimline Adelphi (Black)

If you can't tell, I'm a little bit of an A5 junkie right now... And when the opportunity came up with such amazing prices, I had to grab it. Not to mention, I do believe that some of the models I bought are slightly difficult to find for nowadays, (like the A5 Green Original, maybe?), and who knows, maybe if it doesn't suit me in any way, they might be up for grabs on my eBay store! Sadly, now that I've gotten this new haul of Filofax, in order to make myself feel a tad bit better, I have to say goodbye to my Compact cobalt Pennybridge and my Pocket black Malden, because I just don't think I'll use them. They're on sale on my eBay store now. Check out the 'Items For Sale' tab for details.

I still can't believe the amount of choices they have for a great fraction of the original price though! There are some that have sold out, unfortunately, like the Personal Malden (in Aqua for less than AUS$60!), so I'm assuming that these Filofaxes are being snapped up fast. The sale is apparently going on for 10 days, but I know that they tend to stretch the sale longer than they say they'll have it on. Either way, get it quick before the good ones run out.

And with all the hype going on in my head right now with this sale, I wonder if I'll be able to start studying...
Oh no..


  1. Hi - found your post via Philofaxy. What a great link - I just ordered a black Personal Cuban! Near impossible to find in the US, particularly at the near-retail price the Shop was offering. As a user that has been very hard on my 3yo trusted, durable, battleworn Personal Guildford, I'll look forward to dressing up a bit!

    1. Hi! I'm glad I could help you find what you were looking for (: I myself have gotten a Personal Cuban during my Filofax haul. Took me a while to decide between the Chili, Ink or black though because they all seem like nice colours. Either way, I hope it gets to you in no time! (:

  2. I wanted to say thank you very much for this heads up - I bought up heaps, but so sad I missed out on the green original.