May 24, 2014

Filofax 'The Original' Green Review

So amongst the many Filofaxes that I bought, The Original Green in A5 was one of them. I know I just bought the same edition in aqua, but my first love really was the green (as my favourite colour is green), and the fact that it's from Australia and priced much lower than my Aqua, means it needed to be bought. Besides, not long after, it was out of stock! So really, it was a great buy for me.

But moving on: the green is made exactly the same as its aqua brother, except for its colour, of course. They shared the same packaging (plastic only), same flexibility, same great leather smell, same light weight, same great rings (with no gaps) and same inserts. Their only difference was the fact that the green had a zippered pocket included in the package. You can read the full review of The Original that was written for my aqua here, but if not, here are the pictures for my new green Original A5:

A5 Original in Greeeeeeen!

No-problem rings

I took the liberty of taking a picture of the green and aqua side by side as well, as some of you might want to know their difference in colour (as I did when I was going to buy the aqua):

With plastic cover
Comparing Green with Aqua

And that's the green Original!

NOTE: As much as I love the A5 Green Original, I'd rather a Personal Green Original. So I am currently selling it on my eBay store (details in the 'Items For Sale' tab), or I'm happy to trade it with anyone for a brand new Personal Green Original for the A5.

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