May 25, 2014

Filofax Personal Aston Review

Out of all the Filofaxes I bought recently, I have to say that the Aston family is probably the one organiser I've found myself gravitating towards. It reminds me of the Holborn but has its own personal touch. Not to mention, the chocolate colour has the ability to pull off that old-antique-leather kind of look.

When you first open the box, the first thing you'll notice is the smell; that wonderful leather smell. Oh, if only it would stay with the organiser forever! It entirely encompasses and seduces you from the very beginning. And then you touch the smooth, soft leather as you pick it up and you're in love.

Here is how the Aston looks like:

Unboxing Aston

Personal Aston!

Back (forgot to rotate the picture, oops)

It's manufactured quite nicely and it's sad to know that this line too has been discontinued and is starting to be a rare find (in which case, I'm glad I managed to get hold of both the Personal and A5 size at discounted prices). And I can't emphasise enough how soft the organiser is! It's probably soft enough to be used as a temporary pillow in a boring lecture... I'm just kidding..

The Filofax came with the cream diary edition, however, was only for the second half of 2013. The 2014 diary was the usual white paged week on two pages. I quite liked the cream papered version - it included an extra column that could be used for notes / quotes and had larger spaces for Saturday and Sunday scribbles. Might try to hunt the 2015 cream version down next year. It did however, come with cream to-do lists and a brown ruler, which was a similar set up to what the Personal Scanda had.

I was surprised to see how much the organiser could actually hold together - having the 2013 diary meant that there were extra contents in there than it would usually hold. And yet, despite all its inserts, the organiser still looked like it could swallow a whole lot more! All because the organiser has such a long strap!

But now to the insides of the organiser:

Despite the picture showing its inability to lay flat, I know that the Aston will require only a little training before it does so by itself. It's so soft, after all. As it is, a few pages' weight on the front cover has the organiser laying flat with ease.

The front cover has 6 card slots and one vertical slot, while the back has one zippered pocket:

Front cover with 6 card slots and one vertical deep slot
Back cover: zippered pocket

I had no problems with the rings either:

Overall, I loved this organiser, and I was planning on using it to store ... memories - my scrapbook Filofax. I've been hearing a lot about the Midori Traveler's Notebook recently in the blogosphere, and it looks like the perfect scrapbook kind. It has the leather cover that I'd love to own, and I think it would make a great combination with my Filofax, no?

But that's for another post. Here's comparing the Personal to the A5 Aston:

And just like the Slimline Adelphi, I will hopefully be able to review the A5 version in the coming days. Though, do bear with me; exams are coming up which means less blogging and more studying!

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