May 14, 2014

One-Filofax-for-Life Syndrome

Pennybridge or Holborn, that is the question...

I have come to realise that I may be a victim of the one-Filofax-for-life syndrome. Last night, I decided to give my cobalt Pennybridge a second chance by filling my cards and inserts schematically - I took out some unwanted pages, shuffled the arrangement of my cards a little and guess what? It fitted nicely! It even managed to close without that unsightly bulge it had the first time around!

But once Penny was ready to roll for the next day, I felt a sudden tinge of... guilt knowing that I was leaving the Holborn at home tomorrow... all alone, with no one there to hold it, stroke it, use it and love it... So I refilled my Holborn back! I just couldn't do it!

Maybe it's the superior material the Holborn has, or the larger rings that holds even my unnecessary pages, (or the hefty price tag it had), but I just couldn't say no to my Holborn. It will always be my number one favourite... Which brings me to the realisation that I may very well be a one-Filofax-for-life person... Or I guess more accurately, I'm a one-kind-of-Filofax-for-life as I'd still welcome an A5 Filofax in conjunction with my Personal Holborn..

On the one hand, I'm glad that the Pennybridge worked out for me and I can't wait for the day where my Holborn and my Pennybridge can both live in harmony, but for now, back to my Personal zipped Holborn I go!

Have you guys ever felt the way I did?
(Or am I just looney?)
I think I might just go for the latter.

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